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Grey Brick Wall

I was born in Brazil, where my artistic journey began on the streets with pixo and graffiti capturing my attention. As a teenager, I immersed myself in hip hop culture, finding my voice as an EMCEE. After graduating in marketing, I worked as a graphic designer, leaving my mark on the streetwear scene, including launching my own brand and exhibiting at major tattoo conventions in Brazil.

My first encounter with tattooing was at the age of 17, but it wasn't until the 2020 pandemic that I took my first steps and made my initial marks with a machine I received as a gift, following much encouragement from friends in the field. Customizing letters and fine lines are prominent in my work. I have always respected the art of tattooing, which has given me a sense of freedom and the conviction that art can transcend borders. Since then, I have tattooed in various states across America, such as Maryland, Hawaii, and Chicago, and spent six months in Europe, tattooing in England and Italy. Now, I am proudly based in Medford, MA, continuing my artistic journey here at Boston Tattoo.

If you're ready for your new tattoo, please contact me to schedule your consultation. It will be my pleasure.

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