Originally from the greater Los Angeles area, Carl Grace began his journey in 1998 with a tattoo apprenticeship under Boston John at Skin Grafix in Arcadia, California. Looking at Carl’s artistic talent, it is easy to assume his skill would translate seamlessly into tattoos. After bouncing around the West Coast party scene, Carl pledged to live a sober lifestyle on November 21, 2004 and went head first turning art into a career. Carl then moved to Tucson, Arizona to begin working with fellow tattoo artist Josh Hagen at Sacred Art Tattoo. It was working at Sacred Art Tattoo with Josh where these two artists really began to come into their own as professionals. Becoming a name in the tattoo industry demands hard work, sacrifice and time. Since 2009, Carl has attended over 200 domestic & international tattoo conventions and has been a featured guest artist in many tattoo shops around the country, including our own studio. He won his first award at the Tucson Tattoo Exposition in 2010 and continues to collect awards at many conventions in which he participates. Carl’s tattoo work has also been published in tattoo magazines, including full spreads in Freshly Inked and Skin & Ink. Carl’s work is VERY much in demand. Unfortunately, he cannot tattoo everyone that sends in a request- there just are not enough days in the year! The projects he chooses to take on are bigger in scope (usually full day appointments) & where the subject matter is on the darker, twisted side of your imagination. He freehands the majority of the work he does, so if you are willing to give him the creative freedom to work his magic, the better chance you have of getting an appointment.