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Hello! I’m Cheddar, but don’t worry, you can call me ‘Cookie’ if you indentify with more sweet than savory.

Many moons ago, I attended Massachusetts College of Art for my BFA. My major concentration was in large scale, surreal, oil, figurative painting …though I also have some formal training /experience in printmaking, illustration, sculpture and assemblage.

After art school, I spent a long hiatus in the hospitality industry, where I worked pretty much every role and then some. However, aside from the occasional freelance or creative project, I was not feeling artistically fulfilled in my day to day. Tattooing has always been an industry I was interested in being a part of… in fact, I still have high school sketchbooks full of lame tattoo designs of yore. Eventually I received an opportunity to apprentice with award winning artist, Sophath Phing in Danvers Ma. After studying under, working for and receiving my artist’s license from Sophath for a few years, I moved to Boston Tattoo Company’s Somerville location in autumn of 2022. I have been honing my craft, developing and growing a devoted clientele since day one - albeit a lot of dedication, it’s been very fulfilling. 


I am offering custom designs and flash. I don’t identify with any particular “tattoo style” in terms of my designs.  I organically render designs by combining artistic intuition while integrating each client’s individual parameters and the final result might be more reflective of one classic tattoo theme more than another. That said, I like to juxtapose bold and fine lines with various textures and values to create dynamic and detailed tattoos. I am comfortable working in black and gray, as well as color. My years in hospitality have helped me create a kind, comfortable, and safe tattoo environment. I welcome adults of all ages, colors, shapes, identities, and orientations. 

Please no DMs

Most of you messages will end up in a hidden box and not seen

I book through the shop, our contact info can be found by clicking the website link in my bio

For direct questions my email can be found under “contact” in bio


Every appointment requires a deposit,

 which coincides with a confirmation email determining the appointment is set, otherwise no such appointment exists


My hourly rate is $170 with a $130 minimum. 

Anything under 2 hours will be priced by the piece.


I am only booking tattoos 2 hours or longer in execution time.

Anything that requires less time will be in the event of a cancellation or a special small tattoo day which would be posted to my page/story..


Custom and Flash designs only

While I welcome inspiration to be shared as reference, I will not reproduce someone else’s work. Not only does this present legal issues and is disrespectful to myself and the other artist. I strongly believe an artist produces the best work when its their own creation.

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