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Grey Brick Wall

Born in North Carolina, OP13 came by his nickname as an homage to his home state as well as the 1960’s comedy “The Andy Griffith Show”. That, as well as his and his mentors’ roots in graffiti art styles, have come together to evolve into his nickname “OP13”. OP13 has been tattooing since 2007. Initially he devoted his primary studies to black and gray styles, but eventually he came to realize passions for many styles. These include American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, and Japanese style tattooing. He started his career in Texas and has gotten to travel to Missouri, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Illinois so far. During his career he has had the opportunity to work alongside a variety of artists and creators. OP13 cannot wait to expand his list of travels and is always ready to create what your minds eye holds, so don’t be afraid to toss some ideas around and see what we can create!

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